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Robin Godfrey


Hello, my name is Robin, Welcome to my website. Here you will be able to view some of my photographs and products. You may purchase my products if you live in Canada or the USA.


I grew up and currently live in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. I consider myself an amateur photographer. I first became involved in photography in junior high. I attended a random class as an elective and loved it.


My father had an expensive (at the time) Canon camera that he let me use for class assignments. I found it fun. Of course, life takes several turns and I came back to photography in 2002. My father passed away that year and my mom gave me his camera.


It was emotional to pick it up again, I found that being out in nature somehow connected me to my father’s spirit and brought me peace. I sometimes feel him with me when I’m out shooting.


I now shoot with a Pentax K-70 that was a gift from my siblings. I can’t say one brand is better than the other but Pentax allows me to use all the lens I have collected to date.


I still use my father’s Canon to shoot 35mm film shots in color, black & white and infrared.

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